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New book: Positive Digital Content for Kids

Experts from the BBC, Ravensburger, Toca Boca and others reveal their secrets in this book. What is their vision? What makes a product good for kids? And how do you create it?

For example, if you want to make an app for children, where do you start? How do you get from concept to practical product? And how do you market that? Creative producers give practical tips about their area of expertise, so they can inspire others to make digital products for children that are of high quality.

This book, coproduced with POSCON, is available as a free download (35 MB).

The book is also printed in limited edition. Price is 32,50 Euros. If you want to buy a book, please contact Remco Pijpers: remco.pijpers@mijnkindonline.nl

More info? Send an email to chief editor of this book, Remco Pijpers: remco@mijnkindonline.nl

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